Melbourne guitarist James Ryan and singer Jimmy Cupples formed King Canyon in March  2020, just as the world began to shut down. 

Ironically, the project would never has existed if not for the crazy events of this year.

With minimal discussion or prompting, the pair trialled an online collaboration and

King Canyon was born.

You might say we're a Rock Band.

We like to think of King Canyon as the soul of the 60's, blended with the

Blues Rock invasion of the 70's.

So how did James and Jimmy connect and what was the motivating force to create their new project King Canyon? – Ryan explains; “When the worldwide quarantine kicked in and the live scene came to sudden halt, I decided to use the time to finally pursue a band project I had wanted to do for so long”.

James’ was on the lookout for a vocalist that would complete the sound he had in his head.

Enter Jimmy Cupples; “When Jimmy’s name came up, I thought he could be perfect.

We decided to collaborate on a new song idea  to see what would happen. After a few emails and voice messages, the sparks began to fly and the track “Yellow Fever” was born, which became an immediate favourite.

I guess this is what you call chemistry!

James is a well-respected guitarist, who has toured with industry heavyweights Ross Wilson, Russell Morris, Kate Ceberano, Tina Arena and even Men At Work in their heyday.

His guitar-centric YouTube channel "ilovenoise" has over 15k subscribers and more than 6 million views.


Jimmy Cupples is well known for his incredible vocal prowess and effortless stage craft.

He has been an active part of the Melbourne music scene most of his life, following in the footsteps of his cousin Peter, who was the voice behind the popular 70’s Australian band Stylus.

One of his original songs “Sunset Hills” was featured in the Australian movie Rise

“One of the things we are enjoying the most is how easy the process has been and how much fun we are having. We can embrace our influences and instinctively go with the sounds that we love without  question."

The pair are working on an album, but also releasing new tracks every month.

Every new release is a chance to reach more people and get to know our audience